Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority has donated over 100 unique copies of the Holy Qur’an to Faisal Masjid.The copies were earlier gifted to the CDA by Professor Zahid Butt. Member Administration CDA, Muhammad Yasir Pirzada has requested the administration of Faisal Masjid to start making arrangements for displaying the copies for public viewing. The copies are unique in nature and are almost 200-700 years old transcripts of the Holy Quran. While talking on the occasion, Member Administration, CDA, Muhammad Yasir Pirzada said that within the next 10 days, these unique copies would be available for display at Faisal Mosque. Besides these copies of the Holy Quran, other samples of calligraphy would also be displayed for the general public. The Member Administration declared these copies as a precious gift for the citizens of Islamabad. He said that thousands of people visit the Faisal Mosque on a regular basis from Islamabad / Rawalpindi, whereas a large number of people also offer Taraweeh prayers at Faisal Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan.

He further said that a considerable number of people also attend Mehfil-e-Shabina in the last three days of Ramadan and a large number of people perform Itikaf at the mosque.

 He also directed the concerned departments of the CDA to take special measures for the protection and security of these copies of the Holy Quran.