By Laiba Amjad

As we all know everything is not perfect. It has some advantages and disadvantages. Now I will tell you about advantages and disadvantages of  metro bus.

Sometimes it is quite hassle to bring  your own car when going to work or wherever  you need to go. Driving into  traffic is quite irritating.  You are in hurry and  you have to reach your destination (schools, colleges, university, offices, etc). That's why some people choose to ride on other facilities  of local transport.

Advantages of metro bus

It has low cost  that anyone  can afford. It is money saving and metro bus definitely lower compared to gas, car maintenance and amortization. It's most important  advantage is that it is environmental friendly .less traffic and your share in saving the earth from pollution emitted from your car. It is also convenient that you  can reach your destination on time and without any problem.

Disadvantages of metro bus

It has some disadvantages it creates noise pollution that is coming from bus itself and from crowd. There is a lot of overcrowding. There are lots of people who are standing while riding in the bus and there are many cases that people fall down when the bus stopped or it is on way. There was also a rise in crimes that thieves take out mobile phones ,money and some other important cards  (Atm cards etc) of people riding on the bus.

This my point of view about metro bus  and be aware of thieves.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 10, 2017