ISLAMABAD - As many as 24 wind power projects having cumulative capacity of 1,233.37 MW have achieved commercial operation so far and are supplying electricity to the national grid. These projects included 49.5 MW FFC Energy Limited, 56.4 MW Zorlu Enerji Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, 49.5 MW Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, 50 MW each Foundation Wind Energy-I and II Ltd, 52.8 MW Sapphire Wind Power Company Ltd, 50 MW Yunus Energy Ltd, 50 MW Metro Power Company Ltd, 30 MW Tapal Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd and 49.5 MW Tenaga Generasi Ltd. Similarly, Master Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd is supplying 52.8 MW, Gul Wind Energy Ltd 50 MW, Hydro China Dawood Power Pvt Ltd (CPEC) 49.5 MW, Sachal Energy Development Pvt. Ltd (CPEC) 49.5 MW, United Energy Pakistan Pvt Ltd (CPEC) 99 MW, Hawa Energy Pvt Ltd 49.737 MW, Jhampir Wind Power Ltd 49.737 MW and Artistic Energy Pvt Ltd 49.3 MW to the national grid.