SWABI - The district police have destroyed the banned poppy crop in various ar­eas of the mountainous region of Gadoon Amazai and Narangi vil­lage here on Friday, DPO Imran Shahid said yesterday.

The police first collected infor­mation about the poppy and later constituted two teams, led by DSP Tehsil Topi Iftikhar Ali in Gadoon Amazai and Allama Iqbal, DSP Teh­sil Razaar in Naranji village, anoth­er mountaintops terrain. Gadoon Amazai is included in Tehsil Topi and Narangi region in Tehsil Razaar.

DPO Imran said that the pop­py was spread over 200 kanals in Mangal Chayi, Chanai, Dalori, and various other small villages in Ga­doon Amazai and in Naranji village.