Meme, an invention of the internet, as per definition is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations. But this means of ‘internet humor’ is seldom used for history lessons mixed with satire and comedy.

That's precisely what Mad Mughal Memes is doing. With multiethnic admin team, from Malaysia, Singapore, India and Pakistan, all admins have names of Mughal kings, ministers, queens and princess i.e. Babur, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Birbal, Jodha, Ruqayah and Noor Jahan.

This social media page about the Mughal era shares the memes based on living style, traditions, norms and culture and daily life details of the dynasty in satirical and humorous way with authentic history sources and taste of biryani.

While talking to The Nation, the team of Mad Mughal Memes shared their story, the reason behind making this page and their love for biryani.

On a question as to why they started this page Admin Akbar replied that he was just free and hungry one day and there was a sudden surge of historical alliteration memes popping up over Facebook.

“Most of them were rather tongue in cheek and less serious. I jumped on the bandwagon and got a friend over - he and a few others made the group," stated Admin Akbar.

About choosing the Mughal Dynasty for this meme page, Admin Akbar shared that he and Admin Babur started this. They just thought of a particular group of people or a particular dynasty, which had a large scale impact on socio-cultural surroundings of a particular area.

"There were Greek memes, British memes, and Roman memes. So we thought of Mughals. It was just an impulsive decision," added Admin Akbar.

On a question of dislike for Mughals among some specific groups in India and their response to this page, Admin Birbal mentioned that there are groups (Marathas and Rajputs) in India who hate the Mughals and think that Mad Mughal Memes are ‘voice of Indian Muslims’.

“Some think of us as real descendants of the Mughals. Some label us as Pakistanis. Some just spew venom in the comment section. Some report our page and our content because it 'hurts their religious sentiments'" said Admin Birbal.

He, however, also mentioned that introduction of their page clearly states ‘please leave your religious sentiments outside before entering this page.’

“The thing is we don't really care about who hates us for stupid reasons. They will always be a minority to the huge number of followers who absolutely love us,” stated Admin Birbal.

On a question of Mad Mughal Memes team’s love for biryani, Admin Aurangzeb simply asked ‘Why so much love for oxygen’ which is a perfect comparison.

Biryani is life. Biryani is the midnight porn that refreshes you. It's the ice-cream in the battle-heat of Panipat field. It's the cool flowing waters of Kabul's gardens,” added Admin Aurangzeb rather emotionally.

While sharing their personal favorite Mughal kings, Admin Babur specifically mentioned that the team doesn’t have favourites but they all agree that Aurangzeb wasn't as vile as he's shown or portrayed by the Indian education system.

“Enough sources are there, enough citations can be given to prove that everything he did, be it re-imposing jizya, breaking three temples, or giving land grants to Brahmins, he did for a political reason. None of his motives were influenced by religion alone. He was orthodox, no doubt, but that doesn't make him comparable to Taliban or ISIS terrorists. So we try to make people understand that,” said Admin Babur.

“Mine's Jahangir, for his personality and his religious outlook which bordered on atheism,” added Admin Birbal.

On a question of their sources of information and references, Akbar replied that Admin Babur is a school teacher by profession so he reads while Admin Birbul has just completed his post graduation in medieval sub-continental history.

“So yeah, lots of Abraham Eralys, Irfan Habibs and Jadunath Sarkars.”

While sharing their favorite Mughal buildings and monuments in India, Admin Birbal stated that he thinks since Taj Mahal gets a lot of over attention (for justified reasons) other Mughal buildings kind of just remain in the shadow.

“Nobody cares about Ajmer fort, built by Akbar, or Adham Khan's tomb. The tomb of Ghiyas Beg, constructed by Noor Jahan in Agra is perhaps one of the most beautiful Mughal constructions ever,” said Admin Birbal.

On changing the perceptions on history of people of Pakistan and India, as many are highly ‘sensitive’ on this issue, Admin Babur said they are trying.

“It will take time to change a lifetime of popular perceptions about the Mughals. Most of the people are not ready to learn. But there are some who want to learn new things. Boys and girls text us saying how they love us because we, while joking, teach them a lot of things which schools don't. I think the perception will change in the future. Hope is still there,” added Admin Akbar.

When asked, if given a chance, which Mughal monuments the Mad Mughal Memes team would like to visit in Pakistan, Admin Babur said, Lahore Fort, while Admin Akbar said he will like to visit Badshahi Mosque and Jahangir Tomb in Lahore.

While giving a message to their followers, the team said although no one listens to them but Admin Birbal stated he will like to say to the people of the subcontinent “Unite! You have nothing to lose but the LOC.”