Islamabad - Security forces have successfully busted local chapter of Balwaristan National Front (Hameed Group) Gilgit Baltistan, a network of Indian Intelligence Agency RAW to carry out terrorism and subversion.

According to details, the local chapter of BNF(H) was busted in an intelligence-based operation carrying out subversion by publishing material through a magazine ”Balawaristan Times”. Huge quantity of weapons and ammunition was also recovered during IBO. As a result of the activists of BNF were also apprehended.

Sub Nationalist (SN) Organisation Balwaristan National Front (Hameed Gp) BNF(H) GB was cultivated on the behest of Indian intelligence agency RAW and tried terrorism and subversion by targeting “Youth” in GB and various universities of Pakistan.

Chairman BNF(H) Abdul Hameed Khan (AHK) of Ghizer spotted by RAW was taken to Nepal in 1999 and then shifted to India where he was handled by RAW’s agents, Col Arjun and Joshi. He was kept at three star apartments at Delhi.

Later, his family including three sons were shifted to India and were admitted to various schools and colleges at Dehradun, where huge investment was made by RAW for 11 years (1999 to 2007 and 2015 to 2018).

AHK was provided all kinds of Indian ID documents and facilitated to run business. 2007 onwards while education of his sons was sponsored in India and Europe, AHK was shifted to Brussels to appear on international forums to deliver anti-Pakistan speeches.

Huge financial support was provided by RAW to the tune of one billion rupees for the activities of BNF(H) in GB.

Besides activities in GB large number of students were sponsored


in various parts of country by RAW through AHK.

Sher Nadir Shahi (SNS), chairman Balawan‘stan National Student Organisation (BNSO), student wing of BNF(H), was actively involved in these activities sponsored by RAW.

He was the main activist in Rawalpindi and Ghizer and was acting on the instructions of AHK and RAW from abroad.

He used to publish magazine Balawaristan Times. Sher Nadir Shahi fled to UAE sponsored by AHK and RAW from where he was shifted to Nepal.

RAW pumped massive resources through AHK amounting to more than Rs 1 billion, out of which Rs 700 million were sent to Pakistan through different modes for subversive activities and terrorism in GB and to discredit Pakistan internationally.

AHK was continuously pushed to activate his affiliates for sabotage and guerrilla activities and terrorism in GB and offered all kind of support including provision of weapons, financial resources (12 million per annum), militant training and assistance to set up an FM Radio for propaganda.

However, due to effective activities by LEAs/intelligence agencies and successful launch of “Op Pursuit” in which BNF(H) local chapter was busted, HIA could not succeed.

In 2007-2008 having achieved so-called sustainable level of subversion in GB, AHK was shifted to Brussels (2008-2015) to internationalise the issue at various international forums and media.

AHK wrote to various international financial institutions not to provide financial or technical support to Pakistan for the six proposed dams in GB or elsewhere.

After lot of efforts of AHK unconditional surrender on 08 Feb 2019, was followed by the surrender of Sher Nadir Shahi on 29 Mar 2019.

SNS who stayed in UAE was trapped by RAW and was taken to Nepal. During an export exhibition, he was spotted by a lady (RAW’s agent) to cultivate him.

Before, RAW could take him to India for further luring in; SNS was successfully cultivated to return to Pakistan.