ISLAMABAD - Denigrators of NAB will be disappointed. Looking into the future, it seems the powers of NAB will be flexed, not curtailed.

There are signs on the horizon that the accountability sword shall swing both ways, over those in power and those in opposition. Furious activity is underway, but not yet seen. After Eid the fruits of this labour may start to become visible. There are indications that some major party heads may be seeing progress in their cases. There is further indication that some government officials, even ministers, could be questioned by NAB.

Behind the discussions of NAB’s efficacy in filing references is a fact that cannot be ignored, which is the remaining seats of accountability judges to be filled. If the pace of cases to be handled in accountability court continues at the same rate, these seats will need to be filled with immediate haste.

The implacable NAB is often the subject of TV talk shows, with opposition parties insisted the government is influencing the selection of cases. This argument may soon no longer be available. This would be to the delight of neither government nor opposition — but it will satisfy those who demand that an unbiased across the board accountability is the need of the hour to ensure the protection of Pakistan and government funds.

Much has also been discussed about a prospective ordinance that would diminish NAB authority, but well-placed sources deny the existence of any such ordinance, and this appears to be supported by the confidence radiating from NAB in general.