Media is the only voice that reaches every nook and corner of the country to every citizen. Everyone is taking interest in the day to day political developments in Pakistan now so it is the right time for media to play its due role. Because of the current law and order situation, even people residing in the rural areas are now taking interest in news and have started buying dish antennas in droves. Interest of the people would be raised a notch further if media avoids over-sensationalizing events, which usually turns off people. The media organizations should take advantage of the current situation and start programs aimed at creating mass awareness about democracy, human rights, women's rights etc. The government should also buy time on media to telecast specially made documentaries related to civic problems. If our media keeps expanding its role, I am sure it would have positive impact on citizens who would start taking more interest in the news that changes their lives. -MUHAMMAD ALI, Islamabad, November 19.