Is Pakistan survival possible without water?.In Pakistan water level in underground reducing alarmingly. Pakistan is approaching the scarcity thresholds of water. But there are reasons that why Pakistan running shortage of water .Water over use is the biggest issue of Pakistan and most of the people are suffering with it. it may be over used on animals land people car washing and many other things. People are over using it without taking it serious issue. Another important factor it the low rain fall. Less storage capacity is another major problem in the resources available existing storage is low due to silting up. Available resources such as Mangla, Chashma and Tarbela dams are continuously leaving their storage capacity which are causing reduction in available water.

According to united nation development program and Pakistan council of research in water resources Pakistan will dry up by 2025. So in this situation what should need is to make more dams. Pakistan government the chief justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar initiated a dam fund for dam construction. In 2018 he said that the Diamer Bahasha and Mohmand dams should be constructed immediately for the sake of Pakistan survival. These two dams are very important for the survival of Pakistan .

As there are many critics on this making of more dams .but Pakistan government take initiative to make more dams and this is not only our government duty but also it is our responsibility to give funds and donation to make more dams and support our country in this crisis. Make more dams in Pakistan is necessary but it also important that we should safe water and by not wasting it only then our country become rich in water and become healthy again.

I hope that all of us fulfill our duty and safe water and give more funds so that our country Pakistan will become the top most rich country in water resources.


Lahore, November 3.