A. R. Jerral The Decade of 1980 carries significance of great importance for the human history. Two events took place in quick succession: The then Soviet Union decided to move into Afghanistan and Mr Ronald Reagan became the President of the United States. These two events set in motion a chain of events which have engulfed the world in serious conflicts. The Soviet occupation of Afghanistan was an ideology based on a political challenge that the US could not ignore. The ensuing freedom fight or jihad in Afghanistan was one outcome of this challenge that the US under President Reagan met head on with active support from its allies. The second effect was that the US under his leadership embarked upon the development of a most advanced weapon system to defend itself. President Reagan was an actor of Western genre films before he entered politics. He played the roles of legendary cowboys of the 'Wild West in films. The cowboy is a unique character in the US history; haughty, egoistic, fast on the draw and shoot-to- kill instinct, a macho figure that had his own ideals of right and wrong. Mr Reagan brought these qualities to the White House and the US politics. The weapon development project that he launched was called the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), commonly known as the Star Wars after the title of a science fiction movie. The SDI envisaged the use of space for military purpose, especially its use as a defensive shield against incoming hostile missile launched towards the American mainland. The project contained the same haughty and egoistic macho instinct of the cowboy, with a gun in hand that no one could stand against him. In the absence of any definite information, there were speculative suggestions about SDI. Some thought that the US will deploy laser-based weapon systems in space from where the enemy could be attacked. The fact that it had communication and surveillance satellites operating from space, thus placing weapon platforms in space appeared easy. Such ideas were common in fictions; many sci-fi movies were based on these ideas. However, advancements in scientific research and technological developments made it a possibility. Information now becoming available reveals that in Ameri-ca technology being perfected under the High-frequency Acti-ve Aural Research Programme (HAARP), is part of the Star Wars (SDI) project. It is based in Gokoma, Alaska, and is jointly managed by the US air force and navy, as part of the new generation of weapon system, while it is operated by USAF Research Laboratorys Space Vehicles Directorate. What is HAARP? In our part of the world the knowledge about this technology may be limited or non-existent; however, the Wests scientist community is debating its nature and its effects openly. HAARP constitutes a computer controlled powerful antenna system capable of creating controlled local modifications of the ionosphere. Dr Nicholas Begich, a scientist who is active against HAARP, describes it as a powerful radio wave beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back and penetrate everything-living and dead. He gives dreadful details in his book entitled Militarys Pandoras Box. In a story carried by the Times of London in its issue of November 23, 2000, Dr Rosalie Bertell, a world renowned scientist, confirmed: US military scientists are working on weather systems as a potential weapon. The methods include enhancing of storms and diverting of Vapour Rivers in the earths atmosphere 'to produce targeted drought or floods. In addition, this capability was foreseen by former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brze-zinski who had observed in his book titled Between Two Ages that technology will make available to the leaders of major powers techniques for conducting secret warfare..techniques of weather modifications could be employed to produce prolonged periods of droughts or storms. Hence, Dr Bertell describes HAARP as a gigantic heater that can cause major disruptions in the ionosphere creating not just holes but long incisions to cause major global warming effects. A US air force study, as reported by the US Air Force University Final Report AF 2025, indicates the use of induced ionosphere modifications as means of altering weather patterns, as well as disrupting enemy communications and radars. In brief, HAARP is part of an integrated weapon system which has potentially devastating environmental consequences. Indeed, the military implications of HAARP are alarming. It can deliver very large amounts of energy via laser and particle beams comparable to nuclear bomb anywhere on earth. Certainly, this is the weapon system which prompted Mr Bush Sr. to declare the march onto the New World Order. The New World Order is the cover name of the dream of neocons American Century Project- a complete domination of the world. HAARP is being described as part of the weapon arsenal of the New World Order. By using this weapon system, entire national economies could be destabilised through climatic manipulations. The important fact is that it can be implemented without the knowledge of the target state; one can blame it on nature. It can be achieved at minimal cost without engaging in military ventures. The US Department of Defence (DOD) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are working on imagery monitoring systems to study the effects of flooding, erosions, landslides and earthquakes. This reveals that HAARP can be selectively used to modify the climate in different parts of the world to destabilise the agriculture and ecology, according to USAs global strategic interests. This means that HAARP can be potentially used by the US military to selectively modify the climate of a 'rogue state or an enemy country to disrupt its agriculture and economy. Thus, the target state will become an easy prey to the IMF and World Bank to cash on the economic instability caused by the new era weapon of mass destruction. The economic, military and strategic processes of the New World Order are linked together and they need to be analysed by the developing countries to adopt adequate defensive strategies. Otherwise, the climatic manipulations through HAARP programme induced by the US-led New World Order would destroy national economies of target states. Thus, HAARP put them at the mercy of instruments of the New World Order such as IMF, WB and WTO. HAARP is indeed the major contributor to the phenomenon of global warming. The hype against this phenomenon was built by the US to shift attention away from the development of this weapon system by shifting blame to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions and fossil fuel burning. The US is reluctant to sign the anti-global warming protocol, as it would restrict the HAARP utilisation. It is worthwhile to advice the US military and neocon strategists to recall the myth of Atlantis. Myths do not have a rational or scientific background, but do carry a moral. Atlantis was a continent which had developed in science and technology to the extent that it started interfering with the nature. When God decided to tilt the earth at a particular angle to regulate the seasons, the scientists of Atlantis corrected the tilt by creating a magnetic field around the earth. God did not like that and destroyed them. The continent lays buried deep in the Atlantic, the Ocean named after it. The myth may be just a myth, but it carries a moral. The US and the neocons may be planning to dominate the world, but if they keep manipulating the nature it will not react kindly to this interference, and will strike back with vengeance. There may be no world left for them to dominate. The writer is a freelance columnist.