Children between the ages of two and twelve spend most of their time in front of computer playing games. These games that are interfaced with television sets through a variety of gadgets that are often very expensive and too much of a burden on parents. A decade ago, children usually played sports which not only helped in their all-round development but also improved their health. Fresh air and sunlight develop body and mind. It is rare to find children doing any physical activity now. Whenever a group of children gather anywhere, instead of the outdoor games like hide-and-seek, they log on to internet and start playing computer games. Many of my two-year-old cousins know the computer more than anything else and certainly much more than their elders. The worst part of this whole phenomenon is that now parents also take pride in some of the more expensive games that their children have. Thus, there is a rate race among the parents as well. I think it would be better if the parents encouraged children to take up active sports rather than teach them to fidget with computer at such a young age. -PROF. DR. MRS. NAUSHABA HASAN, Rawalpindi , April 21.