Islamabad - A college principal has been suspended over his objectionable conversation at an official meeting with female teachers.

The action was taken on the directions of State Minister for Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry when a group of teaching and non-teaching staff members lodged a formal complaint with the minister. According to information, the principal of Islamabad Model College for Boys F-11/1 Dr Javed Kausar, who holds PhD degree from abroad, called a meeting only with female teachers of junior section. And, instead of discussing official matters, he started taking about the types of divorce in various Islamic sects, status of women in other societies and how they are being used. Beckoning to one of the teachers who is already married, he went on to ask her to get divorce from her husband and remarry with him. The teachers felt shocked and offended over his undignified remarks about women in general and pointing out a teacher in particular in the meeting.

Though the principal later said to various officials that he was joking, the teachers met the minister and launched a formal complaint.

One of the teachers told The Nation that they were a bit careful since the principal joined this institute over five months ago as they had heard about his careless talk and weird behaviour. “Though we never felt anything unusual before but on that day his behaviour was strange, his conversation was incoherent and he seemed to be psychologically upset.” Tariq Masood, Director Model Colleges at Federal Directorate of Education that oversee over 422 government schools and colleges, confirmed the incident. But to ascertain the facts an inquiry has been launched by a CADD official, he said.

It’s been learnt that the principal’s previous record is notorious and he has faced such allegations in 2014 too. An inquiry into the allegation had proposed not to appoint him on such an administrative position as he was stated to be unfit for heading an institution with the enrolment of hundreds of students. He was demoted as per recommendations but again appointed by the education managers as principal of the said college, said an official. Although at the universities level anti-harassment committees under the ‘Protection Against Harassment of Women At The Workplace Act 2010’ are constituted and students are also aware of the law, yet at the schools, colleges and medical facilities such committees are nonexistent and awareness level about the law is also negligible.