LOS ANGELES-Charlize Theron is thinking about dating again.

The 'Tully' actress - who has children Jackson, seven, and two-year-old August - had ''no interest'' in finding a new partner while her kids were younger but now her daughter is getting older, she admitted she could change her mind.

She told HELLO! magazine: ''With both of my kids, the first two years, I had absolutely no interest in dating. ''It wasn't even a struggle - it was a case where my body chemistry and my mind just wanted to go to the place where I was 100 percent satisfied with being a mom. ''And then ... Well it kind of changes. ''My little one will be three soon and I'm starting to feel like, 'OK, I'm not dealing with diapers and wipes any more and you know something? Right now I'm really happy.''

The 42-year-old actress has lots of friends keen to set her up on dates but at the moment, she still feels like it would be too much ''work'' to try and meet someone new. She said: ''Sometimes my friends will try to set me up and I'll say,' Right now that feels like more work than something I would really enjoy.'

''I think I would have to change that mindset before I start dating again.''

Charlize credits her close circle of friends for helping ease the difficulties of being a single parent.

She said: ''I call them my 'village'. These are incredible women and some incredible men who are incredibly important to me.

''There are days when they just show up at my door, and I say, 'How did you know to be here? Because I just need you to take them off my hands for two hours.'

''I don't think you can be a great mother without people in your life who know you need those breaks - or without you actually taking those breaks.

''Nobody can do it all the time - or nobody can do it well anyway.''