LAHORE  - The PML-N, PTI and PPP candidates will test their support among the people of Punjab in the by-polls for six National Assembly and 10 Provincial Assembly seats in Punjab on Thursday (today).

In NA-68 Sargodha-V, Sardar Shafqat Hayat of the PML-N will face Malik Nazir Sobhi of the PTI and Sardar Ali Abbas Khan of the PPP, besides independent candidates.

However, according to the local electoral managers of this constituency expects that PML-N contender would easily win this seat. The seat was vacated by Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Obaidullah Khan Shadikhel of the PML-N will test his electoral fate against Malik Waheed Khan of the PTI, Shaukat Pervez Khan of the PPP, besides independents in NA-71 Mianwali-I.

According to feeds from the local political pundits of the constituency, Ayla Malik could have posed a real challenge to Shadikhel if she was in the race for NA-71, however PML-N candidate in the absence of granddaughter of Nawab of Kalabagh from the electoral arena seems to be in a good position in this constituency but a tough contest is still expected. Ayla was disqualified for contesting the by-polls by a court for having a fake degree. The seat was vacated by PTI chairman, Imran Khan.

In NA-83 Faisalabad-IX, Mian Abdul Manan of PML-N, Faizullah Kamoka of PTI, Mumtaz Ali Cheema of PPP, besides independent candidates will face each other in the electoral battlefield.

In this constituency the PML-N considered to be in comfortable position as compared to its opponents.

In NA-103 Hafizabad-II, Shahid Hussain Bhatti of the PML-N is contesting against Shaukat Ali Bhatti of the PTI and Zakaullah of the PPP, besides independents.

According to the local leaders, a tough contest is expected between the two ‘Houses of Bhattis’ in this constituency who once jointly contested polls from this area.

In NA-129 Lahore-XII, Shazia Mubashar of PML-N, Muhammad Mansha of PTI, Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti of PPP, besides independent will face each other in the electoral arena. PML-N candidate believes to be in good position on this seat. The constituency was vacated by Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

In NA-177, Ghulam Rabbani Khar of the PPP, Shahid Mustafa Qureshi of the PTI, Javed Dasti brother of Jamshed Dasti, besides independents will try to win this seat.

Javed Dasti who is supported by the PML-N plus the popularity of his brother who won this seat as an independent seems to be in a position to win.

Candidates of the PML-N, PTI and PPP will also test their electoral fate in 10 constituencies of Provincial Assembly of Punjab, which include PP-06 Rawalpindi-VI, PP-51 Faisalabad-I, PP-118 Mandi Bahauddin-III, PP-123 Sialkot-III, PP-142 Lahore-VI, PP-150 Lahore-XIV, PP-161 Lahore-XXV, PP-193 Okara-IX, PP-210 Lodhran-IV, PP-217 Khanewal (fresh election), PP-243 Dera Ghazi Khan-IV, PP-247 Rajanpur-I, PP-254 Muzaffargarh-IV (fresh election), PP-289 Rahim Yar Khan-V and PP-292 Rahim Yar Khan-VII.