ISLAMABAD - Amid looming reports of downsizing following austerity measures announced by the new PTI government, Finance Minister Asad Umar says that no employees of the PIA, Pakistan Steel Mills and the Prime Minister House will be laid off.

Asad Umar , in a tweet, said, “The first decision of the new cabinet was to form a high powered taskforce to recover unlawful wealth stashed abroad. Message to those who stole public money and hidden it abroad is loud and clear: We are coming after you.”

He visited the finance ministry and held a media talk. Finance Minister Asad Umar asserted that PTI will make revolutionary changes in economy with support of the people. He stressed tax base will be increased for revenue generation by revamping the FBR. The finance minister said the looted wealth of the country will be brought back and people’s money will be spent on people. He noted that all decisions will be made in parliament.

“After approval from the cabinet, bonds will be issued for overseas Pakistanis. The task force will present its report in two weeks. No information is available so far regarding foreign assets of Pakistanis but they have done $8 billion investment in Dubai alone,” he explained.

All the steps can be successful only with the cooperation of people, added Umar.

Asad Umar said the newly elected government will create employment opportunities for youth as part of its election manifesto.  He went on to say that Karachi being the largest city and financial hub of the country is engine of the economy.

The finance minister said all resources will be used for generation of revenue. He said government’s immediate focus will be on giving relief to pensioners and widows. He ruled out the possibility that the employees of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Pakistan Steel Mills and Prime Minister House will lose their jobs.

Giving a roadmap of his priorities and policies in his televised address to the nation on Sunday, PM Imran Khan said currently there were 524 employees deployed at the PM House, but he would use only two for domestic service.

Imran Khan said he would decline to use the heavy fleet of armoured vehicles except two owing to security threats. He announced to auction rest of the vehicles to support the national kitty.