ISLAMABAD             -         Pakistan People’s Party Vice President Sherry Rehman yesterday said the late National Party chief Mir Hasil Bizenjo was a symbol of progressive politics. Paying her tribute to MirHasil Bizenjo she said history will always remember him for raising his voice for the oppressed and his struggle for democracy”.  “He always said that he wanted to live life on his terms, which he did. He never depended on anything, be it money, religion or his authority. He has left behind a legacy and path for us to follow. Now it is up to us to follow his principles and learn from his life,” Senator Sherry Rehman said. She added: “If he decided on something, he always followed it till the end. He was persistent and worked with his heart in it. It was his existential heart that carried such politics forward.” The PPP leader said she had learnt a lot from him and “he always encouraged me to stay firm and never back down. His support towards women is commendable.” She said Bizenjo always worked towards his ideology and values. “His larger than life personality is an example for everyone to learn from,” she said. The Parliamentary Leader of the PPP in the Senate said Mir Hasil Bizenjo had left behind a huge gap in progressive politics. “He stood for principles against all odds in our political milieu and this is truly the end of an era”.