Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said it is not easy to bring back Nawaz Sharif

“We  could not bring back Ishaq Dar and Suleman Shahbaz. Then it is not easy to bring back Nawaz Sharif. The dead opposition can do no harm to Imran Khan. APC will come  to their throat. Imran Khan will complete its five years tenure”, he said this while talking to media men here at Railway Headquarters  Saturday. 

He  indicated Shalimar train fares will be reduced by 10 percent till August 25. Salary is being paid to laborers in railway. The laborers who work will  get salary. No one is being  laid off from railway during my tenure. However pension is becoming  delayed and we are working  on this matter. The contract employees are going to be regularized. 

Sheikh Rashid said Imran Khan will complete his five years term in the government.  Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman wants no government should remain in place.  He wants written joint communiqué  of APC. Shahbaz Sharif can deliver speech but he  will not go to any written accord. 

He held this dead opposition can do no harm to Imran Khan. Their engine is emitting smoke. Ring piston have  outlived their age. 

They don’t seek NRO on by themselves but are seeking NRO through others, he pointed out. Both the parties are in quest of NRO. Imran Khan will never give them NRO. 

He stated Imran Khan is repenting over allowing Nawaz Sharif to go abroad. Nawaz Sharif is not so simple. He will never commit mistake of returning to Pakistan like Shahbaz Sharif. Shahbaz Sharif sacrifice is enough for Nawaz Sharif

He underlined Usman Buzdar  stands firmly saddled. Imran Khan stands by with him. He is not going anywhere.