ISLAMABAD          -        Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Friday said that the government has failed on all fronts and the President has lost all justifications to stay in office.

Addressing media after attending the joint session of Parliament, he said, “the ‘so-called’ President has lost all the constitutional justification to stay in his office. He [President Alvi] forwarded a reference and it was smashed [in the court]. The way legal and constitutional flaws and loopholes were pointed out in it; the entire nation saw it.” 

He said the President’s speech to the parliament was a pack of lies.   

Flanked by former Prime Minister and PPP leader Raja Pervez Ashraf and PML-N Chairman Raja Zafar-ul-Haq, Khawaja also criticised the government for summoning the joint session of Parliament late in the night. He said the announcement was made so late as if [the rulers] were going to rob the country. 

He said the government was busy ‘celebrating destruction of the economy’ as long press conferences were being held by ministers to highlight government’s performance but the fact is that the rulers have destroyed the country on micro and macro level.

He said the government has no justification to stay in power and added the opposition would announce a joint strategy against the government after Aashoora.

He observed that the government ministers were involved in corruption; sugar and flour thieves were allowed to leave the country. Their performance can be lamented upon only, he added. 

He said that the ‘justification’ on which they were brought into power has also ended. He said the rulers’ further stay in power would be a threat to the country’s sovereignty. He said public was cursing the rulers in streets and they were thumping desks in the Parliament. He said the time has come to save the country and put it on the path to progress again