LAHORE - Hundreds of PAT workers rallied on Sunday in Lahore to show solidarity with the bereaved families of Peshawar.

PAT central president Raheeq Abbasi led the rally that was participated by scores of party leaders and workers. Similar rallies were also carried on in 59 other cities of the country.

Addressing the participants, Raheeq claimed that Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar had avoided using direct language to condemn the terrorists of outlawed TTP. He claimed that a person like Chaudhary Nisar could put in jeopardy a decisive operation against the terrorists, demanding Nisar should not be heading the interior department anymore.

“The interior minister who cannot dare to arrest a cleric voicing support for the terrorists in Islamabad, has no right to hold the office,” Raheeq said. He added that Pak Army should carry forward the war on terror come what may.

Meanwhile, PAT chief Tahirul Qardi addressed the rally in via phone from Houston, US.

He claimed that terrorism could be eradicated from the country if his party’s 14 points to deal with the menace were put in action. He said that supporters of the terrorists under the garb of religion should come up with clear position after the Peshawar carnage.

“It is high time that the head of the serpent of terror should be crushed along with its subsidies and remaining nurseries. While the masses should boycott the individuals or groups voicing support for the terrorists under the garb of the religion,” he shared his views.