Islamabad - While condemning the barbaric terror attack by Taliban on the Peshawar school that had killed over 141 people including 130 students, Chairperson Peace & Culture Organization Mushaal Hussein Mullick has said that terrorists have crossed all limits of brutality and barbarism.

“We cannot but feel a sense of deep shock and horror. Our hearts are bleeding with pain and helplessness and in this hour of grief we stand united with the grief stricken families of the innocent children killed and injured in this barbaric attack,” she said in a statement issued here on Sunday.

She said, “We are against all kinds of violence and terrorism and will raise our voice against such terrorist activities be it in Occupied Kashmir, Palestine, Pakistan or any other part of the World. Islam counts the killing of a single innocent person as a death of entire humanity and such fanatics don’t have any concern with religion or humanity. May Allah grant patience to the families of the bereaved.”

She further said, “We will have to get rid of this curse in one voice, against all sorts of violence and terrorist activities that is eating up our entire society like a monster. Defeating terrorism is not just the responsibility of the government or military, rather we all have to play our role as a society to erase extremism from our surroundings by acting as responsible citizens of the world.”