The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in the city of Peshawar requires an audit clarifying its feasibility and environmental concerns. According to a report, over 400 traffic wardens are suffering from eye diseases and lung problems due to the project. For a very long time now, the outcry regarding the environmental hazards of the project has been highlighted on social media but due to the absence of discussion on mainstream media, the government has largely remained absent on the issue. The primary concern which is also the primary reason for the outbreak of such diseases is the route which the government chose for the project.

Successive governments have reserved the green patch of the city through which now the BRT passes. There was a controversy over the contractor for the project as well. Many have hinted towards a blacklisted company whereas the government claims that no political favours were granted in the project. Time and again, residents of Peshawar and several travelers, in the past year have highlighted the pace of work, the safety hazards, and the growing needs to protect the environment of the city.

The government also could not manage the budget of the project. It has gone up from Rs49 billion to over Rs68 billion due to the changes to its design and ‘adjustment’ of the Asian Development Bank funds, the provincial cabinet’s last meeting was informed in the last meeting. At the same time, the lack of security, the iron grills along the BRT were open for thieves to steal. The government should be answerable for the situation in the city of Peshawar and should also provide the solution to this adversity.