KARACHI - Pilot Project Schools have been affected badly due to lack of proper staff required for quality education, The Nation learnt on Sunday. Shortage of 145 Teachers including some other necessary staffers has been reported in the Pilot Project Schools located in various towns of the city. Establishing of Pilot Project Schools in collaboration with Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) is a successful experience in the education sector at government level. The project was started more than three years ago and just in two periods these schools were houseful. Some of the schools administration was compelled to close the new admissions as in Liaquatabad towns School behind Supper Market. In spite of best performance of these schools, the authorities concerned in city government and education department did neither transfer nor post the required teachers in these schools, causing tremendous problems for students, sources said. Several reminders have been sent to the authorities concerned but they have not taken proper measures for the solution of the problems. It may be noted that under the Pilot Project scheme, CDGK had developed schools in each town for girls and boys in collaboration with FPCCI. Sources mentioned that after annual examination, new academic year would be started and students of deprived community would throng, leading to mismanagement due to lack of proper staff, sources said. Sources mentioned that the main purpose of these schools was to upgrade the academic systems as compared to private schooling system so that the opportunities of quality education to be provided to the children of poor. Sources said that Committee for Monitoring and Improving of Schools (CMIS) of CDGK schools felt that the shortage of teachers and staffers would affect the performance of this schooling system. That is why, they requested to the authorities concerned in CDGK to appoint teachers and other staffers but so far their all efforts went gone in vain in this regard. It may be noted that Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) is funding the entire scheme of Pilot Project Schools and bearing all the expenditures of construction of development of schools, providing equipments of science lab, computers and several other civic and educational facilities including the appointment of doctors.