ISLAMABAD - The PPP-PML-N parliamentary committee headed by Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh will resume today (Tuesday) its deliberations on 10-point agenda and progress made so far with regard to its implementation. This would be the most crucial meeting as the PML-N is reluctant to grant extension to the ruling party in its 45-day timeline expiring tomorrow. The PML-N claimed that the ruling party was insincere in implementing its agenda and was trying to gain time for its political motives. It has also indicated to force out PPP from Punjab as the first step in response to failure of the PPP leadership in implementing its 10-point agenda. Contrary to this, the PPP leaders insisted that since the government was implementing the PML-Ns proposed agenda, therefore, there was no question of 45-day timeline. They believed tPML-Ns move to expel PPP from the Punjab government would tantamount to negating spirit of the landmark Charter of Democracy signed by the two major political players. The fate of PML-N-proposed agenda largely hinges on the decisions of the PPP-PML-N parliamentary committees meeting. The governments team would brief PML-N team headed by Senator Ishaq Dar on implementation on the 10 points despite the fact that top leadership of PML-N had expressed its dissatisfaction over the pace of implementation by the PPP-led ruling coalition. Both sides had agreed to constitute a judicial commission to probe the sugar crises, which would report within 45 days. They also agreed on the reforms in the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).