LAHORE  -   Rabab Hashim and Junaid Khan Starrer Kamzarf went on air last month. Seven episodes down, the drama has completely captivated the attention of the audience and we keep waiting for the next episode to find out how the journey of the main leads unfolds.

Under the direction of Zeeshan Ahmed with an eccentric script that is co-written by Mansoor Mushtaq and Seema Munaf, Kamzarf is a good addition to the new drama serials of this year. The acting of Rabab Hashim and Junaid Khan further makes it a treat to watch.

The story of Kamzarf revolves around the character of Junaid Khan (Aazar) who is interested in his colleague and wants to marry her. When his sister comes to know about his brother’s wish to get married to her colleague, her insecurities take the better of her and she thinks that her brother will not obey her once his lady love enters his life. Hence, she starts planning to separate the two and gets him married to her tailor’s daughter Fouzia (Rabab Hashim).

She takes Aazar to the wedding of Fouzia but little does he know that Aima has planned it in a way that when at the last moment the groom does not appear, she can force Aazar to marry Fouzia to save everyone’s respect because he is someone who has never said no to her ever. Aazar has a hard time accepting Fouzia as his wife and they are in a degrading and loveless marriage.

Coming to the performances, Junaid Khan has been outstanding as Aazar and Rabab Hashim has done a brilliant job as a caring oppressed girl Fouzia who has to make a lot of compromises and who is not accepted by her husband. Rabab and Junaid have returned to the TV screen after quite a while and they are sure to leave a mark with their performances in this serial. Both of them are really selective about their character choices and have some great roles to their credit.