The government under Pakistan People’s Party established Khairpur Medical College, while Sayed Qaim Ali Shah was the Chief Minister. While this was very admirable, the college and the futures of over 500 students is are on the line. Now students, staff, civil masses are struggling and protesting to save the college. Sindh government remains silent on this major issue including Madam Nefeesa Shah.

The main issue of this college is registration and confirmation of staff. Sindh government should provide facilities such as labs, libraries, all equipment, registration and confirmation staff. Sindh government should have ownership of all educational institutions so that it can be held accountable. Students have been protesting for nearly fifteen days, but the government has still not responded.

Khairpur District is a historical city and in this district eight talukas, Kotdiji fort, Sachal Sarmast and other important institutions exist. It is even more imperative to save Khairpur college. We request chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and Chief Minister of Sindh, PMDC and elected politicians of district Khairpur Mirs to save Khairpur Medical College.


Khairpur Mirs, January 28.