TANDO MUHAMMAD KHAN        -       District police had once again revived the community policing system to improve its image in the eyes of people and also to change the decades-old ‘thana culture’, said SSP Abid Ali Baloch on Friday. Talking to The Nation, SSP Abid Ali Baloch told that the newly introduced community policing system was in full swing in the district, Tando Muhammad Khan. He, on the occasion, shared with this scribe his vision to improve the image of police and turn the department into a people-friendly Force.

He said various events were being organised to interact with local residents, traders, NGOs’ representatives and others in connection with community policing system.

He said that meetings were being held with local elders and other notables to strengthen policing. “Social media groups are also being made to stay in touch with residents and ask them to keep an eye on suspicious elements and their activities,’ he said. Baloch said community policing was an approach focused on developing police’s partnership with the community in order to address community problems through systematic problem-solving efforts.

“Today, a vast majority of community members and local politicians want the police department to be a community policing agency,” he informed. “The police personnel should also take care of things such as their behaviour and attitude. They should improve on their communication skills,” the SSP asserted.

In this regard, he said, the DSPs were organising various events, including seminars at schools, to curb ghutka usage, ensure cleanliness in localities, prevent unnecessary cutting of trees along the side of roads and wall chalking in public spaces such as main bus stops.

He said children were taken to parks and playgrounds, while women police officials were delivering lectures at girls` educational institutions.