LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday came down hard on his political opponents and the NAB authorities raising questions on their conduct and said that a few days earlier a great drama was staged at Mall Road which was attended by all “political clowns”.

He was addressing a public gathering after inaugurating Bab-e-Pakistan project at Walton Road.

The project covering 117 acres of land will cost more than Rs4 billion. It will incorporate auditorium, food court, sports complex, art gallery, lake and playgrounds.

The chief minister said a drama was staged a few days back at The Mall by the people who had plundered Pakistan with both hands. “The stories of corruption of Zardari Sahib are known by every young and old in Sindh and he was demanding my resignation,” he said.

He said PTI leader who claimed to be the leader of one of the country’s biggest parties, was unable to provide evidence after accusing someone. “Does he have any right to represent Pakistan?,” he inquired.

He further shared that this Niazi Sahib while giving interview to a renowned journalist after the elections of 2013, claimed that he will not only eradicate the darkness of KP but will also generate electricity for whole Pakistan. After over four years have passed he has failed to generate even 1KW electricity.

Later on he announced of planting 1 billion trees in KP and after that titled Patwaris for this purpose who kept on counting already existing trees as a result of which there is no billion trees today.

Moreover, the CM recalled that in 2010-11 when Lahore was attacked with dengue virus, under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif; Punjab government, political companions, members of Assembly, bureaucrats and doctors went out to cope with it for which Niazi Sahib has taunted us and named us “Dengue Brothers” whereas when Peshawar confronted this virus we didn’t choose to protest or sit-in rather we had sent mobile hospitals, medicines, experts and teams of doctors for people of Peshawar. Shehbaz said Niazi Sahib preferred to flee to the mountains than fighting the dengue virus.

He said Qadri Sahab has also made speech at the drama of Lahore and demanded his resignation saying they will overthrow the government.

The way Niazi Sahib has failed to serve his people likewise Zardari has also disappointed people of his province, he added.

Under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, federal government has provided funds for Metro Bus but they couldn’t operate the bus, he said.

He said in Peshawar Khan Sahib has claimed that if he will get the funds he will prefer to utilise it for health and education sector but after a period of four and half years he couldn’t lay even a brick of the project yet even after taking a loan from Asian Development Bank.

The CM promised people of Karachi and Peshawar that if they get a chance to serve after 2018 elections they will make Karachi and Peshawar equivalent to Lahore while Balochistan, Sindh and KP will be equal to Punjab in terms of development.

He said if his party and leader will give him responsibility then he will supervise the development projects of other provinces from 6am in the morning till 12pm just like he had done in Punjab.

He said he won’t worry about the funds as they have installed various projects in Punjab with own resources likewise they will create resources for the development of other provinces.

Furthermore he added NAB has failed to recover money from Zardari but they won’t spare him and will bring back the looted money of widows and orphans from Swiss banks or in any other corner of the world.

On the NAB inquiry about the construction of Raiwind Road, he asked the NAB chairman there are dozens of hospitals, schools and towns adjacent to this road, so what sin has been committed by this construction?

He said NAB had not taken a while to enter the review petition of Hudaibyia case. The CM sarcastically quoted Punjabi stating that “Ranjha was not happy, so NAB sent another notice to make him happy”.

Addressing Lahoris, Shehbaz said they had won praise from him by rejecting the show of Mall Road with their non-presence. He said he will always remember this kind of grace and will work hard for them day and night.

He vowed they will confront the PTI leaders in elections who have delayed the construction of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train.

Thousands of people pledged to take revenge in elections on the announcement of Chief Minister, upon which he said that he also promised to build Walton Road in LOS Road style.

The CM also promised people of Peshawar that he will complete the project of Metro Bus within one year if he gets an opportunity to serve them after 2018 elections.

He said Nawaz Sharif had promised people in 2013 elections that he will end shortage of electricity and due to his struggle loadshedding is almost disappearing from our country.

Shehbaz said NAB has summoned him on Monday (today) and he will expose the real face of NAB before the media with evidences and added NAB Chairman Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal is expressing his love by sending him notices but he will bring the facts before public.

He said he will apologise and leave if corruption of even a penny is proved but if it is not proved you have to decide about the accusers.

Shehbaz said today they are standing at that historical place of Bab-e-Pakistan which reminds them of the unending struggle of Father of the Nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his companions.

This project will play a proactive role to highlight the struggles and sacrifices of Tehreek-e-Pakistan before our new generation, he stated.