ISLAMABAD – Ali Haider and Haris Tahir entered 11th Jubilee Insurance U-21 Junior National Snooker Championship finals after registering contrasting wins in the semifinals here at PSB Snooker Hall, Pakistan Sports Complex on Monday. In the first semifinal, Ali Haider beat Ahsan Yousuf 5-1, 85-28, 62-17, 48-3, 67-14, 22-63, 63-37 while Haris Tahir beat Shaikh M Mudassir 5-3, 68-11, 51-61, 0-86, 84-08, 55-48, 61-35, 11-59, 60-32 in the second semifinal. Earlier in the first quarterfinal, Ali Haider beat Shehryar Abbas 4-2, Ahsan Yousuf beat M Saleem 4-3, M Mudassir beat Raees Ali 4-3 and in the last quarterfinal, Haris Tahir beat Usman Ahmed 4-1. The best-of-11-frame final will be played today (Tuesday) at 11am. IPC Minister Dr Fahmida Mirza will grace the final as chief guest.–Staff Reporter