BAHAWALPUR-Nine years after marriage, a woman gave birth to six children including four girls and two boys at Civil Hospital Bahawalpur on Sunday night. One girl died after few hours of birth.

According to AMS Civil Hospital and spokesperson Dr Hamid, 28 years old Hina Javed, a resident of Jalalpur Pirwala, was brought to the hospital two days ago; and on Sunday night, she gave birth to six babies - four girls and two boys.

He said that it was first time in the history of Bahawalpur that the birth of six babies had been witnessed. He added that due to premature delivery, one girl was born with very low weight of 0.2kg. "She could not survive and died after few hours of her birth while the remaining three girls and two boys are in healthy condition and have been kept in baby incubators for now," he said. "Mother of the children is also in healthy condition and out of any danger," he added. According to the family, Hina Javed was married nine years ago; and after nine years Allah has blessed her with babies at which they are very happy and thankful to Almighty.

Mother Hina Javed said that she was very happy and had been waiting for this day for a long time. She added that she would name her children back home after consulting with her parents and in-laws.

Father of the children Javed runs a General Store in Jalalpur Pirwala, and he said during a talk with The Nation that it was a joyous day for him and his family; as all of his family members were happy beyond explanation. He vowed to give these children a healthy life and education. As soon as the news of birth of six babies spread in the hospital, a large number of people gathered to witness the blessing of Almighty.