The Lahore High Court (LHC) heard civil appeal filed as an application by Maryam Nawaz in order to include her father Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports as part of the main petition seeking removal of her name from the no-fly list. LHC division bench adjourned the proceedings until the first week of February in order to provide Maryam’s counsels time for preparation on a reply submitted by the federal government to explain why it took such a long time to issue directions over her ECL matter.

As the proceedings commenced, Justice Abbasi asked Maryam’s counsels “what do you want?” to which Advocate Amjad Pervez replied that they want Maryam to be given due permission to visit her ailing father abroad as she had already lost her mother.

“Is no one there to attend to Nawaz Sharif? Are there no relatives for this purpose?” Justice Tariq asked.

“Maryam is [the only one] very close to her father and his [Nawaz’s] health is deteriorating,” the counsels replied.