TARBELA GHAZI - People of NA-19 Haripur (KPK) will be choosing their Member for National Assembly (MNA) on 16th August 2015, 3rd time since 2013 in the by-election within a period of 27 months on the orders of the Supreme Court.

The story starts from the general elections held on 11th May, 2013 when major and traditional rivals Dr Raja Aamar Zaman candidate of Pakistan Ttehrik-e-Insaf and former minister Omer Ayub Khan contested election on the ticket of PML (N) were in front of each other among many others. Both the candidates were very strong having a strong political family background beside that Omer Ayub Khan had a past history of his services which he rendered for the constituency during his ministership period in the era of General Pervaiz Mushraf (2002 to 2008) and his permanent contacts with the people even when he was not their elected representative whereas tsunami of Imran Khan was very much supportive for Dr Raja Amar Zaman. According to the result of the election announced by the election PTI's candidate Dr Raja Aamar Zaman was declared as returned candidate with a lead of some 2200 votes grabbing over 116000 votes in the election whereas his rival Omer Ayub Khan's votes were counted as over 114000. Omer Ayub Khan did not accept his unexpected defeat and filed a petition in the election tribunal rejecting the result for recounting the votes. His petition was accepted and in the recounting his rival Dr Raja Aamar Zaman was again declared winner however then his lead was reduced from 2200 to 1300. Recounting of the votes also could not satisfy to Omer Ayub Khan and he again went to election tribunal with the allegation of rigging by his rival in 78 polling stations of the constituency. After a legal battle of few months, election tribunal admitted the plea of Omer Ayoub Khan but termed rigging only in seven polling stations instead of 78 including Bagra, Ghazi Hamlat, Khanpur Mamria, Aloli, Kalanjar, and two poling stations of Khalabat and ordered for re election in these seven poling stations. Election Commission of Pakistan announced re-election in those seven polling stations on 29th of January 2014. Dr Raja Aamar Zaman filled a petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the decision of election tribunal and also prayed that if re-election was necessary then election may be conducted in the whole constituency instead of seven polling stations. Supreme Court of Pakistan then headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Ch, despite accepting the petition of Dr Raja Aamar Zaman for hearing did not give him any timely relief nor issued stay order to stop the announced election in the seven polling stations till its verdict. Election Commission deleted the numbers of all votes polled in the disputed polling stations, which were polled in the general election. Deletion of these votes from the total not only caused for the end of Dr Raja Aamar Zaman's lead but he also had to bear a loss of 27 votes. Now result of these seven polling stations had to decide the next MNA from NA-19 and both candidates put their all possible resources, energies and efforts to get lead in that semi by-election election which had to decide their the fate of their future. In the evening on 29th January, 2014 when election result was announced, Omer Ayoub Khan had obtained a lead of 593 votes over his rival by grabbing 2853 votes whereas Dr Raja Aamar Zaman could obtained 2260 votes and remained unsuccessful with over all deficiency of 617 votes. In result of this election Dr Raja Aamar Zaman was de-seated from the position of MNA just after 9 months and Omer Ayoub Khan took oath as new elected MNA from the constituency NA-19. Meanwhile petition of Dr Raja Aamar Zaman remained under trial side by side in the Supreme Court. After the trial of some 16 months Supreme Court of Pakistan finalizing the petition announced its verdict on 19th June 2015 and by de-seating Omer Ayoub Khan from the parliament seat ordered to hold fresh election in the whole constituency. On the orders of Apex Court, Election Commission announced to conduct fresh election in NA-19 Haripur on 16th August 2015. On other hand Omer Ayub Khan announced his inability to contest that by-election due to sever illness and critical condition of his mother former MNA Gohar Zeb, wife of former Speaker National Assembly Gohar Ayub Khan and daughter-in-law of former President of Pakistan Field Martial General Muhammad Ayub Khan.

Omer Ayub Khan while issuing a press release and through advertisement in the local media after the apex court verdict clarified that his mother was unwell due to which he would not be able to participate in the re-election ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on June 19. "I have to tend to my ailing mother who is more important than contesting the by-election," he said. He expressed gratitude for his supporters who voted him into the national legislature twice. The statement was also accompanied by a list of developmental projects initiated by him during his year-and-a-half long tenure as the MNA.

After the excuse of Omer Ayub Khan for nor not contesting the by-election, all prominent PML (N) leaders from Haripur including PML (N) Provincial President Pir Sabar Shah, former Provincial Minister Qazi Assad, former Speaker Provincial Assembly Habib Ullah Tareen were reluctant to contest the by-election which had put PML (N) in a great trouble. Pakistan Tehrik Insaf looked very happy and laughing in the situation that its rival party PML (N) which had obtained over 116,000 votes in last election against them was in a such crises that it had even no candidate to put in the field. Meanwhile one Babar Nawaz Khan son of slain KPK Minister Akhtar Nawaz Khan who is also the nephew of Qaumi Watan Party MPA Gohar Nawaz Khan had completed his counselling and prepared his mind to participate in the election as independent candidate. In the situation PML (N) leadership decided to induct Babar Nawaz Khan in PML (N) and to award him party ticket to save the party honour in the constituency. MNA from Mansehra and son in Law of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, Captain (R) Muhammad Safdar had a relation with Babar Nawaz Khan's family so reportedly a meeting of Babar Nwaz was arranged with Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif to settle the matter. After reaching on an agreement Mian Nawaz Sharif signed the party ticket for Babar Nawaz Khan that was delivered to him by the hand of former MNA and Minister Omer Ayub Khan. While talking to the mediamen Omer Ayub Khan said that his support is with Babar Nawaz Khan. "PML (N) ticket for contesting the election from NA-19 was awarded to Babar Nawaz Khan after counselling with me and on my recommendation, I delivered the party ticket to him my self, my all kind of support would be with Babar Nawaz khan and PML (N) would grab this seat with a convincing margin," he maintained. Omer Ayub Khan also believed to contest next general election himself after recovery of his mother.

At the time of announcement of re-election by the Election Commission, holly month of Ramadhan had been started so election campaign could not be started properly from the both parties and remained restricted just to introduce themselves in the short gatherings or in the Aftar parties. At the end of holly month of Ramadhan both major contesters have chalked out their comprehensive planes of election campaign. Both candidates are termed stronger more than each other with the plea that fever of Imran Khan is still prevailing among the people which would be a big support for PTI's candidate Dr Raja Aamar Zaman whereas his rival Babar Nawaz Khan is not only enjoying the support of PML (N) being its ticket-holder but his family has a very good reputation for public services of his father Late Akhtar Nawaz Khan and his uncle Qaumi Watan Party MPA Gohar Nawaz Khan specially in the constancy of PK-51. A very tough and close margin contest between the both candidates is expected. Although few other candidates are also in the run of that electoral game but those all are just to recognize and identify their identity as a candidate and contester for MNA ship. A very close margin and interesting contest is expected between PTI's candidate Dr Raja Aamar Zaman and PML (N)'s candidate Babar Nawaz khan on 16th August 2015 in NA-19 Haripur with a hope of peaceful environment.