RAWALPINDI - Punjab Home Department imposed a ban on pillion riding in the district in order to curb street crime, according to a notification issued here on Tuesday.

Pillion riding has been banned in Rawalpindi district for period of 2 weeks (21 May to June 4) from 7pm to 7am, reads the nonfiction.

However, the ban shall not be applicable to women, children below the age of 12 years, senior citizens, journalists, law enforcement personnel in uniforms and employees of essential services. A senior police officer said that ban on pillion riding had been imposed in the light of recommendation of Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Chaudhry Ali Randhawa who had reported to Home Department that a dangerous surge had been noticed in the street crime in the district and a ban should be imposed on pillion riding as most of the criminals used motorcycles to target the citizens. He added that the Additional Chief Secretary (Home), Punjab, while taking action, slapped ban on pillion riding in the district for two weeks to control street crime wave.

According to the notification, copy of which also available with The Nation, ‘whereas it has been made to appear that street crimes are increasing day by day in district Rawalpindi which may cause danger to human life and property and disturbance of public peace and tranquillity in the district. And whereas, government of Punjab has reasons to proceed under Section 144 (6) of The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 as an immediate prevention and speedy remedy is desirable and the directions, hereinafter, appearing are necessary in order to prevent danger to human life, property and disturbance to public peace and tranquillity in the district Rawalpindi. Now therefore, government of the Punjab, in view of the request made by the Deputy Commissioner, Rawalpindi vide letter No.951 dated 17/5/2019 and in exercise of powers vested under Section 144 (6) of The Code of Criminal Procedure 1898, hereby impose ban on the following acts for a period of 2 weeks (14 days) with effect from 21/5/2019 to 5/6/2019 unless modified’.

The notification also reads that pillion riding is banned within jurisdiction of district Rawalpindi for the period of two weeks from 7 pm to 7am.