Quetta - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer Senator Sirajul Haq on Tuesday held people at helm of affairs responsible for the killings of 20 persons in Turbat, adding it was due to their flawed financial policies that tens of thousands of young men in the country were putting their lives at risk to go abroad for a bright future.

“The heinous crime committed in Turbat is an indelible dot on the face of our rulers as due to their policies people have been forced to sacrifice their lives,” JI Ameer was quoted as saying in an oath-taking ceremony of the newly elected office-bearers of JI Youth Balochistan at Quetta Press Club. JI Provincial chief Moulana Abdul Haq Hashmi and JI Youth President Jameel Ahmed Mishwani also addressed the ceremony.

Sira said that the rulers were themselves tearing democracy apart by entering into confrontation with state institutions.

 “Then who is accused in the case of deleting oath from the law relating to finality of prophethood, if minister for law is not,” asked JI Ameer, and demanded incarceration of the accused. He added that masses wanted those people exposed who had deleted the oath from the law.

Siraj emphatically reiterated that the JI demanded across-the-board accountability of all those 436 corrupt persons, whose names had appeared in Panama papers and warned those changing party names and flags due to the fear of accountability that they would be made to pay the looted money.

Lamenting Balochistan’s precarious law and order situation, JI chief said that India was trying to create East Pakistan- like situation in Balochistan. “But the rulers are seeking enhancing friendship with them,” he bemoaned.

He said that the party would give 50 percent tickets to the youth for forthcoming general elections and every effort would be made for securing the ideology and geography of Pakistan.