Dubai Huma Akram, the wife of Wasim Akram, inarguably the greatest left arm pacer, may have been brought to Apollo Hospital in Chennai in an emergency condition, but her condition is now stable, confirmed the seamer turned commentator. Speaking to this scribe over the Guest Relations Managers (Ms. Sarika) mobile from Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Wasim Akram said, she is in the hospital CCU (Care and the Coronary Care Unit) and the doctors are taking every care which needs to be taken. Please pray to God for her recovery, emotional Akram appealed to this scribe. This was his second appeal in 24 hours to the cricket loving public. Sadly, Huma is not only suffering from brain tumours (she has three tumours in the brain and needs surgery) but some complications relating to kidney have also developed. Interestingly, world renowned Dr K Ganapathy, a neuro surgeon, is not treating Mrs Akram at the Apollo Hospital but another team of surgeon is handling her case. We are very concerned about her Kidney related health problems. My Swedish wife (Majbritt) joins me in wishing Huma an early recovery and restoration to full health quickly, the Akrams family friend and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) psychologist Maqbool Max Babri said from Lahore. Besides being a psychologist, Huma (Akram) is also a hypnotherapist, a wonderful, well grounded lady. I think it is Huma who brings stability and continuity to Wasim Akrams life. I know many of her clients and she is doing an excellent job as a counsellor. Some times she has also sent clients to me where she feel she is too socially close to provide objective counselling, Babri further added. We socially interact with Wasim and Huma quite often. Huma is a happy, honest, expressive, competent and a fun person. Certainly Huma and Wasim get all the attention if they are at a party, Babri signed off. Wasim was married to Huma Mufti, daughter of Mr. Humayaun Mufti, some 14 years ago and couple have two sons (Taimur and Akbar) from their marriage. Obviously the children are anxious about mothers sudden illness. The children have been sent to their friends house, Akrams servant added from Lahore. Wasim Akrams father Choudhary Akram, residing separately, was not available at his Model Colony house in Lahore.