Mohammed Saleem, who often interacts with me over my columns, said: Since I, as an ordinary citizen of Pakistan, have no diplomatic obligation to react decently to indecent allegations, Mullen, Panetta, Ambassador Munter, Hillary, the American Congress and for that matter Barack Obama, can all go and jump in the lake, or have their heads examined. One could not agree more, as this now is the common perception about the US going bananas and with Mullen blaming Pakistans ISI of complicity with the Haqqani network. This clearly suggests that the superpower, besides facing indignation of its own people back home to end the fruitless war being fought at their expense in Afghanistan, needs a heap of puerile justifications to announce a triumphant withdrawal from the inhospitable terrain - the graveyard of many adventurers in the past. They would not listen when they were forewarned and did not pay heed to McCrystals admission of American miscalculations. Unaccustomed to the increasing body bags being received since Vietnam, they are feeling the heat as Waterloo it is, indeed, for them; Afghanistan that is. And much as the CIA, KHAD, MOSSAD and RAW would like, it would be a terrible mistake to pass the buck of their collective failures and seek to shift the war theatre to nuclear Pakistan. The Foreign Office, Parliament and the armed forces have handed down a dignified response to the nonsense being hurled upon the ISI and the Pakistan military. As for the peoples response, M/S Mullen and Co. need to be told of the nationwide resolve at the Friday prayer congregations to stand resolutely behind their civil and military leadership in fighting off any aggression, beside the rarely orchestrated All Parties Conference resolution. It is clear though that no matter what methods, adjectives and invectives they employ against self-respecting nations, particularly oil-rich Iran and Venezuela, defiant Turkey and Syria, and now Afghanistan and nuclear Pakistan, the imperial coterie in its preposterous accusations was subconsciously admitting defeat and looking for scapegoats on whom to blame. In a way, they have pushed their luck too far in the sinister game of pressurising Pakistan by pinning Burhannudin Rabbanis murder on it and brokering Manmohans strategic alliance with puppet Karzai, throwing the cat out of the bag. The yankee chant of democracy, cry for peace, stability and progress is by now a thoroughly exposed rhetoric, as people around the world become seized of the American double standards in dealing with the Muslim States, and their ambitions of carving out areas of influence in the regions abounding in natural wealth, in the face of their own economy taking historys worst nosedive. They are thankless people as are their cronies. Both Karzai and Obama have enjoyed Pakistans hospitality in their own good time, as have over three million Afghan people since the Russian invasion, but who cares Obamas election pledge of brokering a permanent and judicious solution of the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan, and helping create an independent Palestinian State have both gone by convenient default, only to obviate the fallacy and duality of sermons in morality by those posing to the world as saviours of humanity. Amnesty International has unearthed scores of unmarked graves in the Indian held Kashmir, some of which already have been identified as those of missing locals as against Indias previous stance that they were foreign terrorists. This is a crime bigger than Milosovichs mass graves in the Balkans, which happened as a mad act in a limited period of time, as against those being individually and routinely buried in held Kashmir over decades as a matter of Indias state policy. Milosovich met his nemesis at the hands of the International Court of Justice. The unbiased peace loving people of the world would like to see that the innocent Kashmiri blood spilt by a country vying for a permanent Security Council seat at the UN does not go by default. Such are the double standards of the West that it allegedly discovers gross human rights violations against minorities in Muslim Indonesia and Sudan, and in no time causes UN-backed independence from their mainlands, but sees nothing wrong with the decades-long perpetual persecution of over 90 percent majority Muslims in the Indian held State of Kashmir, and of the Palestinians by Israel. The civilised world conscience keeps asleep over longstanding UN resolutions granting right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir, who have since laid down nearly 100,000 lives for the crime of voicing their demand for the implementation of the unfinished UN agenda, as are inconsequential their unmarked graves, adding a new dimension to the worst human suffering, being conveniently shoved under the carpet. The Muslim leadership clinging on to their imperial ventriloquists should see the fate of the one-time prodigies of the West, whom they dont mind discarding as soon as they outlive their utility, be it Saddam in Iraq, Musharraf in Pakistan, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya. They readily don the robes and cloak as sympathisers of the revolution wherever their one-time cronies are seen falling from public grace. For relatively defiant nations with their proxies in the saddle such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, they use the carrot and stick approach, while for the ones like Syria and Iran who are able to look them in the eye, they try to discredit and unnerve them, but to those like Turkey, they can do nothing more than categorise them as a pain in the neck. These dreamers need to realise that in pushing their do more rhetoric too far, they are incapacitating whatever little say their proxies in Afghanistan and Pakistan are left with in the face of increasing frenzy and condemnation of their people for backing the evil campaigns of the West. They will soon discover to their chagrin that in fact they have ruined the prospect of finding any more proxies in countries they wish to target, for fear of lethal if not fatal backlash against any incumbents in the future. Time may not be far when their cronies will be taught a lesson as the ultimate disgrace they must endure for selling their souls. 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