ISLAMABAD – Former Military Intelligence officer Brigadier (r) Hamid Saeed said on Sunday he would testify against the politicians who received bribe and that all proofs concerning the case had been delivered to the GHQ.

Speaking at WAQT News programme Apna Apna Girebaan, Saeed, however, recalled that Asad Durrani, in his statement before the court, contended that the sensitive issue should not be brought on record. He contended that the ISI was not involved in the disbursement of money.

To another question, he said the army disbursed money to the politicians in the national interest, arguing that Mirza Aslam Beg had helped Benazir to come to the power corridors but when it did anything wrong, that support was withdrawn.

Asked that the military always wanted to assert control on defence and foreign matters as well as civil leadership, Saeed said the PPP got the vote of sympathy and that it had no vision.

Saeed, to another query, said he did not know whether the court would support him, but still he did not plead his innocence.

To another question, he said Musharraf should not be tried for treason, since the judiciary itself gave him three years in power, besides granting him the authority to make amendments to the Constitution.