KARACHI -  Political uncertainty has soared in country’s commercial hub-Karachi as political forces have split into numerous groups increasing chances of war-lords controlling different pockets of the metropolis, The Nation has learnt.

The current political turmoil dividing the year’s long ruling political force Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) into the four groups has created a political uncertainty from top to bottom ranks. Mohajir Qaumi Movement MQM-Haqqiqi faction split in early 1990s, struggling hard to overcome the mandate of the city even in peak times, Haqqiqi leadership failed to gave tough time to the MQM.

Haqqiqi faction ruling in the roost till 2000 but unable to defeat MQM vote bank whereas violent struggle between the MQM and Haqqiqi continued at least 10 years, claiming the lives of hundreds of political workers as some parts of the metropolis have had controlled by armed struggle.

The current political circumstance were considered rather worst than the situation of the 1990s as three more groups had emerged in just couple of months ruining the political infrastructure of the city. The political work force at grass root level remains united despite the differences at local level because of the party discipline scattered.

A unit In-charge of District Central wish to be anonymous explains the situation, “I decline to participate in the PIB workers convention when sector member of the party invited me”. Sector member told him, “It means you are not the unit Incharge now”. Unit In-charge replied, don’t take it wrong, now you are not the sector member anymore but, I am still unit incharge”. This was the lowest level of the skirmish The Nation learnt during the survey conducted.

Moreover, the outskirts areas of the metropolis including Landhi, Korangi, Malir, Shah Faisal, Lines Area, Orangi Town and Liaquatabad where Haqqiqi trying to regain the position and various MQM workers have joined Haqqiqi while rest of the MQM workers were getting shelter in Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People Party (PPP) to avoid pressure mounted by Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP).

Workers in Shah Faisal when contacted said that we were pressurized to join PSP or else get ready for the arrest which forced them to join PML-N. Many have gone in hiding and rest those could not cope up the pressure joined Nawaz-League, he added.

Similarly in Orangi Town, large numbers of MQM workers have joined PPP. It is believed that the workers in various localities especially the industrial zone of the city has been collecting an amount fixed on the monthly basis more over some were also found for taking amount from the hawker zones of the city. The division of funds in to four fractions has created rifts between them and could drive the city towards violence.

Sathi Ishaq Muttahida Qaumi Movement coordination committee member associated with Altaf Hussain while talking to The Nation said that MQM leadership unable to the cope up the pressure and left the mentor of the party.

He said that Dr Farooq Sattar and others were not even realize or think about the cause and future of the city particularly Urdu Speaking residing in Karachi, Hyderabad and other parts of the province. He said that people of Karachi defiantly suffer in the current political turmoil but Karachiites remains loyal with Altaf Hussain.

He said that nobody can change the founder of the party and they all know very well that people of Karachi remains loyal with the party chief and understand the conspiracies being hatched to disintegrate the unity of a community.

When contacted MQM Pakistan spokesperson said political dynamics has change in last couple of years and MQM Pakistan took such steps to save the people of Karachi and trying to intact the people of Karachi under the banner of the MQM. He wish to be anonymous all MQM wings remains intact and shows their full support with MQM Pakistan. He reaffirmed the ground realities and situation occurred following the frequent factions within MQM and tension among the workers and supporters of the party while establishment should realize the situation. 

“We can’t ruled out the possibility of clashes in future similar to the 1990s,” he said added that nothing has change as conviction rate remains not change during the operation. He said that extrajudicial killing does not mean to create the deterrence; it would only increase the anxiety or frustration among the Muhajirs and sense of deprivation. He said that we are trying to remain intact the people of Karachi at our level best.

Replying to a query about the fractions, PSP Chairman Mustafa Kamal said that his party would definitely wipe out all other fractions and will clean sweep in the upcoming general elections. When asked, about the current skirmishes in city at grass root level, Kamal said that PSP gaining strength day by day and will overcome the whole mandate of the city.