LAHORE – Nawa-i-Waqt Group of Publications Managing Director Majid Nizami on Sunday urged the Pakistani citizens living in America to actively engage in lobbying for Pakistan to protect their homeland against the conspiracies being hatched by the Indians in connivance with the Americans.The MD said that India and its fundamentalist friend US have nefarious designs to deprive Pakistan of atomic power. He said this time Zardari and his peers are running the federal government in Pakistan who have earned themselves allegations of every kind of evil including corruption, dishonesty and favoritism.Daily Nawai-i-Waqt and daily TheNation Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami expressed these views telephonically while addressing to the renowned journalists and intellectuals living in New York. The journalists in the US had organised a special ceremony on Sunday in connection with the golden jubilee celebrations for Majid Nizami over his completing 50 years of enviable Editorship.Nizami said the Nawa-i-Waqt Group is strictly following the golden ideological policy he devised in the very start. “Our policy is based on Two-Nation Theory and its purpose is to create awareness among the young generations about ideological foundations and boundaries of the country,” he stated.The Nawa-i-Waqt MD said India can never be our friend as it is still trying to destabilise Pakistan and wants to engulf “our freedom”. He said India has constructed 70 illegal dams on Pakistani rivers “to make barren our agriculture lands”. He said the world will witness first atomic war between Pakistan and India if India continued its evil designs against our country.Majid Nizami also paid glowing tribute to the brave Kashmiri Huriyat leaders, who have been struggling hard for their freedom and never surrendered before India despite sacrificing hundreds of thousands of precious lives. Talking about internal issues, Nizami said Zardari and his cronies were facing a long list of allegations of corruption and dishonesty. He said that it seemed the government has nothing to do about the ongoing wave of poverty, unemployment and other issues. The rulers were increasing their bank balances, he added.He said the welfare and freedom of Pakistani can only be guaranteed by following the thought of Allama Iqbal, who presented Two-Nation Theory and called Quaid-i-Azam from London to lead the Muslims of the Subcontinent. Though Dr Iqbal could not live to see the creation of Pakistan, the Quaid had completed the assignment Iqbal had given to him, he added.Regretting that none of the today’s political parties were able to make Pakistan as dreamt by the great thinker, Mr Nizami urged the participants to make their own efforts for the same goal. He said that he never hesitated to utter Kalma Haq in front of any dictator from Ayoub Khan to Pervez Musharraf.According to his vision, Pakistan and Bangladesh can make a confederation in near future but the main hurdle in the way was the daughter of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman. He said the Nawa-e-Waqt Group would continue with its mission of never compromising on principals.