PESHAWAR          -             Twenty employees of the Peshawar High Court (PHC) have been issued show-cause notices for having availed the BISP stipends. The incumbent government has changed the title of the BISP to Ehsaas Program, under

which lists of the beneficiaries are being compiled and forwarded to relevant departments. As per policy, the stipends, Rs12000 each, will be released to deserving

families enlisted under the erstwhile BISP and later other unprivileged families will also receive the funds.An official statement from the Peshawar High Court on Wednesday stated that as per the list of the beneficiaries

received from the authorities concerned, there were total 221 employees of the establishment of Peshawar

High Court and its benches, district judiciary, anti-terrorism courts and labour courts of the province.It said the PHC issued show-cause notices to 22 employees

serving under its establishment.The PHC also directed all the district and sessions