ISLAMABAD-Junaid Khan is one of those names that need no introduction. He is a man who wears many hats; a singer, songwriter, and actor who has the ability to leave an impact on people’s minds with his performances. After winning hearts with his vocal prowess under his band Call through which he released two successful albums, Khan ventured into the field of acting almost a decade ago. After having a thoroughly successful last year during which he gave hit shows including ‘Kam Zarf,’ ‘Hania,’ ‘Yaariyan,’ ‘Adhooray Hain Hum,’ Khan is back on our televisions screens with his latest drama serial Kashf. Kashf is about the story of our titular character, essayed by Hira Mani, who sees dreams that take the shape of reality. Khan portrays the character of Wajdaan, Kashf’s fiancé, and her love interest.

Wajdaan is hopelessly in love with Kashf and is ready to go to any lengths to have her in his life. On paper, Wajdaan’s character can come off as a one-note, but it is Khan’s subdued acting, his command over the role, and his onscreen persona that sells us the character. He convinces us to root for him to end up with the girl that he loves. He makes us go flatered when he delivers romantic dialogues to Kashf when they are together.