KARACHI-Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan has warned the shopkeepers of the Rainbow Centre to shut their video shops and end 'business of obscenity'. The copy of the letter was obtained by TheNation on Friday. The letter further said that this business is spoiling Muslim youth and society. 'Pakistan was created in the name of Islam but now wine shops and prostitution dens are common', it added. The letter said:'instead of the prevention of such kind of activities, govt is supporting and promoting obscenity. It is obligation of the all the Muslims to stop such kind of activities'. The shopkeepers were warned to close their shops or they will be kidnapped and also their shops will be destroyed. Saleem Memon Chairman of the Rainbow Video Merchant Welfare Association said that they have received some five letters in last couple of months. He said that they have informed all the concerned departments about these letters and themselves installed close circuit cameras for security. He said that police is cooperating with the shopkeepers and has deployed two police mobiles at the Center and also assured further security. Some three letters were thrown by some unknown men in a envelope on June 29th,2008 at around 11 pm. he added. He said the second last letter was sent by the Moqami Taliban Imarat Pakistan on Nov 29th, 2007 and rest of the letters were unnamed. This time they didn't gave any timeframe or deadline while the previous letters gave the deadlines also.