ISLAMABAD The differences between Muttahida Qaumi Movement and Pakistan Peoples Party over the fate of the Local Bodies System forced the former to come out open criticising their senior coalition partner both in Sindh and at the Centre. Sources aware of the row between the two parties over the Local Bodies System and host of other issues informed TheNation that seeing the inaction on part of Pakistan Peoples Party regarding the fulfilment of their demands forced the MQM to come out in open criticising the Government for its follies on various counts. Sources in MQM informed that they wanted the retention of the District Government System in the province while the PPP Sindh Chapter was totally against the move and wanted to revert back to the old municipality set-up all over the province including the port city of Karachi. Just before the floods had played havoc across the country, the MQM central leaders in their meeting with Prime Minister in Karachi on the target killings issue had also taken up the issue of future of the District Government System in the province and reiterated their demand of keeping the District Government System intact. Showing some flexibility the MQM leaders had even proposed to the Prime Minister that if not possible in whole of the province, at least the District Government System should be allowed to work in the urban centres of the province keeping in view the marvellous deliverance of the system in the port city of Karachi. Sources said that Prime Minister Gilani as usual had promised the MQM leaders that he would definitely take up this issue with President Asif Ali Zardari, who is the Co-Chairman PPP as well. Sources further said that MQM further informed that in the Central Rabita Committee meeting of the party, majority of the MQM central leaders had proposed to the party Quaid Altaf Hussain that Pakistan Peoples Party should not be given more time for fulfilment of the commitment it had made with them and in this connection he (Quaid) should give some cut off date to the PPP. The MQM central leadership was of the view that in case their genuine demands were not met by Pakistan Peoples Party then they should walk out from both the Federal and Sindh Governments. Sources further informed that MQM was also annoyed with PPP for the lax attitude they were showing towards Awami National Party, which was involved in the killings of their men in Karachi, and were mainly behind the target killings. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Peoples Party sources said that they would not bow to the pressure tactics of the MQM and would settle the things as per merit, be it the issue of target killings or the future of the District Government System in the province. It is pertinent to mention here that once again the Local Bodies Ordinance would lapse as the Sindh Assembly had failed to do legislation on the subject and once again Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad is required to extend it for another 90 days period.