LAHORE - The Australian High Commission in collaboration with the Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel hosted a live cooking event with the Masterchef Australia contestant Amina Elshafei.

The talented chef with her multicultural background shared food expertise with the audience. Amina was one of the most talented contestants in the Masterchef Australia and easily made it to the top 20 out of hundreds of contestants. Along with Chef Anjum Javaid, the duo made a Lahori Karahi and grilled prawns in the PC. In the session, she produced some grilled prawns and beautifully presented it accompanied by mango salsa. This was her first time in the country as she confessed during the event that she was not familiar with the local dishes but had been doing food research since a long time.

“I love Pakistani cuisines and their rich history. I love coming here and trying all sorts of cuisines. Eating Pakistani dishes has been an exhilarating experience. My passion for food knows no bounds and I am about to launch my first cookbook,” she said adding that her Egyptian father and Korean mother both were cook.

They inspired her to start cooking and she also learnt from her grandmother. She burnt the kitchen many times in the early days”, she said. 

The event was hosted by the Ayesha Sana. During the event, when Amina asked the cameramen to put the cameras on her face, she became the reason of people’s laugh as she didn’t know the people were watching her.