LAHORE - Making important revelations about Pak Army’s leadership role in rulers-marchers tiff, PML-Q top leader Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has revealed that military high command’s timely intervention averted serious confrontation between the two sides, as the ruling party had plans to launch crack down on the participants of Inqilab and Azadi March.
In an exclusive chat with The Nation on Friday, Pervaiz said: The military leadership has clearly told the ruling party not to drag the army in the political mess and resolve the political crisis through meaningful dialogue.
He added: The military leadership has proposed the ruling party to reach a just settlement with the marchers at the earliest and not drag the matter any longer as the country is passing through a grave security situation, besides facing other serious issues.
PML-Q top leader said: The ruling party tried to directly involve the military leadership in the crisis but they (Pak Army) refused to meddle in the political matters and stressed upon the unwise rulers to end the chaos.
He however added: It would be difficult for the military leadership to remain aloof for long and they have to become an active referee if the government fails to comply with the rightful demands of the PAT and PTI protesters .
Responding to a query about PML-Q resignations, Pervaiz said they haven’t pondered upon this option so far and it would be considered as last option.
He claimed: MQM and JI are likely to join the participants of two campaigns, besides other mainstream political parties and the drive would become a show of larger political alliance against the failed rulers. Asked about the possibilities of PPP joining, Pervaiz said: We are in contact with PPP top leader Asif Ali Zardari and would meet him soon.
Commenting over the high-thrust diplomatic activity, PML-Q senior leader remarked: The ruling party is trying to create an impression that emissaries of international powers are backing them and opposing the marchers, which is completely incorrect.
He said: The Ambassadors of the US and China have met with us and agreed to the demands of Inqilab March, stressing upon the resolution the ongoing crisis within the constitutional framework. He declared: The Inqilab March would not back out from its demands of registration of FIR in Model Town tragedy, resignation of the rulers and implementation of 10-point agenda.
Coming back to his claims relating to civil-military relations under the present regime, Pervaiz citing ‘Military Pulse Reports’ revealed: From foot soldier to officer ranks, Pak Army does not feel comfortable about working with the ruling party as they made several bids to defame and discredit the soldiers at several occasions to satisfy their ego.
PML-Q senior leader remarked: The ruling party has lost ground as the former IG Islamabad has gone on leave to save himself from following the illegal and unconstitutional orders, while federal capital’s acting police chief has also told the rulers to give him specific, written orders and he would not follow any verbal orders.