ISLAMABAD Though the issue of poisonous halwa eaten by religious leaders is still unresolved, police sources suggest that sweet was not poisoned rather it was expired. The issue of halwa is going to be solved, as an initial report indicates that there was fungus in sweet that hospitalised the eminent religious leaders, the sources informed TheNation on Tuesday. It may be recalled that seven religious leaders and their three attendants were hospitalised after eating halwa at the residence of Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haidri in Parliament Lodges on Thursday last. The host had said that someone presented that halwa to his cook just a day before as a gift. After the incident, the Senator had said that it was an attempt to murder the religious scholars. Later, on the request of the Senator, police had constituted an investigation team to probe into the matter, besides registering a case of attempted murder through poison. The sources informed that sample of halwa was sent to two separate laboratories, including PCR and Chief Chemical Examiner, in Lahore for examination. They revealed that first report has been received to police probe team, which was suggesting that there were bacteria in halwa instead of poison. The police received that report from University of Punjabs Biology department, however the report from Chief Chemical Examiner is yet to be received, sources informed. They also informed that some religious scholars were deliberately trying to hide the Punjab university report for some unknown reasons. A senior police officer whishing not to be named said, Police have received a report from University of Punjabs Biology Department, which suggested that there was no poison in halwa, however, he said that the final report is yet to be received and after that police will reach any concrete result.