The digitalization has been adorned with great vivid news at television screens from the last couple of months.The present Government has outstretched its campaign with new slogan under the banner of Digital Pakistan in Strategic Reform Utility. The aim is to introduce the system of paperless governance and establishment of digital payment gateway in Pakistan in order to boost the digital economy and attract free lancing business in Pakistan.

Pakistan already taking its share from the international free lancing market. To ensure sustainable growth in this sector Prime Minister of Pakistan took initiative and established a Strategic Reform Unit underneath the Prime Minister Office.

Tania Addresses nominated its head of digital Pakistan campaign, who previously served as an executive at Google Singapore and hold an enrich experience and exposure in the international market. The work its kind was initiated in previous regimes but it might not be wrong to say that projects like e-Governance have been in progress for the last many decades.

To what extent it progressed if someone had experienced to take service from a government service delivery organization could well enlighten the status of such initiative in the past. The present regimes should learn from the mistakes committed by their predecessors by setting its agenda of Digital Pakistan.

The Digital Pakistan is the need of hour, without realizing its importance, it might not get the results as expected. It is undoubtedly true without opting the changing circumstances Pakistan may be left behind in the line of fast-growing nations. The cognizance to change in the changing circumstances would be a good decision. At the time when technology was in its evolutionary process some of its kind were eliminated that considered to be costumes.

What make difference it was not to opt the changing circumstances consequently paid heavily price in shape of losing business? Continuity in policies are important but it is equally important to adopt changing solutions. The modern and well equipped Land Record Management system established under the umbrella of Board of Revenue Punjab not only worked well but also helped inreshaping the mode of governance in Punjab. Initially it was conceived for only 18 districts but spread its outreach to the extent of remaining districts keeping in view its success. The World Bank shown its interests and willingly extended its financial and technical support to modernize the Punjab Land Record System.

The comprehensive transition of land Record not only changed the centuries-old system but also contributed in many ways. The initiative bring efficacy, transparency and increase in government revenue many fold. This is the probably biggest organization owned by the government of Punjab who provides direct services to land holders and general public in land transfer and preserving the rights of rights holder.

The government appointed its well-groomed and vibrant officer as Director General of Punjab Land Record Authority who carried vast and diversity of experience in Government and Banking sector organization on his profile.

The General public start reaping the fruits of initiative taken by the government. The services through mobile van, NADRA-E-Saholat Center, Online Issuance of Fard, Establishment of ARC counter in the foreign missions of Pakistan, and115 more Arazi Record Centers in the rural areas to extended facility at door steps of general public. In the span of last one financial year over 3.5 million record customers served and more than Rs. 20 billion have been deposited in the national exchequer, again amazed critics. Thanks to this spearheaded project and its management, Pakistan has achieved significant improvement and stood in the top rank list who gained the visible difference in the ease of doing business worldwide index. Pakistan could performed even much better with the help of similar kind of initiative by other provinces. The transformation of system added another feather in the cap of Pakistan. The World Bank not only lauded the project in Washington but also declared a role model for the countries in the region.

The system that had a strong belief that it might never change has transformed successfully. It isa reflection that political will, consistent temperament, diligent work and by setting goals played a pivotal role to achieve the monster kind of target.

The digitization of economy and establishment of digital gateway is the most critical factor in order to regulate and boost the economic activity in the country. The most important thing is right steps to be taken in the right directions. The awareness about certain things are very important. As In light of the past experience of digitization of land record this must be at the table. Number one, complete familiarity with the task and how it should be achieved. Number two, Can existing legal framework is helpful to achieve the target or this will required significant changes. Number three, how would it deal with institutional conflict? Number four, what the target is?

Digital reform agendas have been widely entrenched in many countries. Here are the details of targets and goals set in order to achieve the agenda in the neighboring countries. 1). The Manual Services shall be prohibited in all service delivery department after certain time. 2). All officers/ official shall be forcibly retired from their place of duty if failed to learn the requisite technologies. 3) Applicant can only file his application online no subsequent office visit required. 4). All services shall be ensured without human interactions.

The cited four point agenda laid foundation stone for technology reform and provide comprehensive framework for way forward. All government service oriented organization should bring in the ambit of digital reform agenda as did by the Punjab Government by automation of Land Record Management Information System (PLRA).

Application of the goals makes the dreams into reality for the intended purpose otherwise it would be a dream.