MULTAN                  -              Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi claimed on Saturday those talking about government’s fall were just making noise to avert accountability.

While talking to reporters and PTI workers here in NA-156, the foreign minister said the government was facing a big mafia which was spreading rumours. “It is for the first time in national history that big fish have been caught. The looters of national wealth will have to face accountability. We’ll recover looted national money,” he declared.

He said that some people’s desire to demolish the government, bring in-house change and see mid-term election would remain unfulfilled and the government would complete its term. He said that it was the desire of those people who were rejected in last election by people. He said that the PTI emerged as the most popular party in 2018 elections as people gave it full mandate.

The FM said that the 2020 was the year of economic progress as national economy was improving gradually. “We’ll give good news to the nation very soon,” he claimed. He said that the government was taking solid steps to control price hike and the hoarders would be dealt with iron hand. He added that initiatives like Ehsaas Programme were being taken to bring ease to the lives of people and these steps would remove sense of deprivation from poor sections of society.

Referring to recent FATF meeting, he said that India faced humiliating defeat and all of her conspiracies to push Pakistan into blacklist failed. He claimed that Pakistan would soon come out of grey list.

Mr Qureshi noted that maintenance of peace in the region was first priority of Pakistan. He added that peace accord between Afghan Taliban and USA was a big diplomatic success of Pakistan. “The region will become peaceful if there is peace in Afghanistan. Entire region including Pakistan will benefit from peace in Afghanistan,” he added. He said that Pakistan would get chance to participate in rebuilding Afghanistan while bilateral trade would also get boost due to peace. He said that it was firm opinion of his government since the day first that peace in Afghanistan would come through dialogue and not war. He said that no one expected that Afghanistan and USA would sit on table for dialogue and Pakistan would play its reconciliatory role despite presence of saboteurs.

He said that when the current government came into power, some quarters declared it responsible for all ills and evils. “Our South Asian strategy is in front of you. Today our role is being appreciated. Pakistan accepted a big responsibility and discharged it successfully,” he claimed.


The FM was of the opinion that the people of Afghanistan and their leadership had to decide as to how they would take Afghanistan forward as Pakistan could not bear whole responsibility alone.


Later on, he visited different union councils of NA-156 on motorbike and talked to his voters. He assured people that all development projects would be completed in-time and no compromise would be made on the quality of work. He said that he was aware of problems being faced by the people of Multan and these issues would be resolved on priority basis.