ISLAMABAD  - Feasibility study for rehabilitation and upgradation of main Railways line from Karachi to Peshawar is in progress under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project with the help of government of China.

According to official figures of Ministry of Railways, on the completion of CPEC project by year 2020, speed on main line will be increased from 105 KMPH to 160 KMPH. Moreover, released material of this project will be utilized for improvement and strengthening on branch lines.

Apart from this, five years plan is also being prepared for rehabilitation and improvement of railways track on the network. Railways main line from Karachi to Peshawar which has length of 1681 KM is in fairly good condition. In the current financial year, an allocation of Rs.11256 million has been allocated for rehabilitation of track and allied structures.

According to official figures of Ministry of Railways, an amount of Rs 4096 million and Rs 3426 million respectively were spent on rehabilitation of track infrastructure. In addition, an amount of Rs 2430 million was spent on routine maintenance of track infrastructure.

There were 100 passenger coaches with overdue Periodic Overhauling (POH) which has now reduced to 21 only. In addition 150 coaches have been added in the system for restoration of introduction of new trains.

The repair and periodic overhauling (POH) of passenger coaches is regularly being done at Carriage Shop, Lahore which now turns out 60-70 coaches per month on regular basis. In order to augment this capacity periodic overhauling has also been undertaken at Carriage Factory, Islamabad from where 43 coaches have been turned out in last six months.

The ministry has substantially improved the capacity of Carriage Workshop at Lahore from 30 coaches per month in year 2013 to 60-70 at present.

Besides Carriage Factory at Islamabad has been diversified which in addition to manufacturing new coaches has also started overhauling of passenger coaches.

In order to supplement availability of funds a project of Special Repair of 800 coaches has been under taken at a cost of Rs 1820 million. This will ensure uninterrupted overhauling of coaches.