This refers to the news report from Bahawalpur, where three men raped a 10-year old girl on the order of panchayat in the Derawar police station limits. The members of panchayat announced their decision in a bid to take revenge. Unfortunately, the situation of Human rights in Pakistan is very complex and the number of cases of violence against women is increasing rapidly. The panchayat is the oldest system of local government in the sub-continent and traditionally panchayats were consisted of wise and respected elders chosen and accepted by the local community. There is no need of any panchayat in Pakistan nowadays in the presence of the local body system, provincial and federal administration. 

The Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is well known due to his hard work, strong management and activeness against forces of evils. The nastiest decision taken by panchayat is an open challenge for him. He should take stern action against culprits for the implementation of the rule of law in the province. Similarly, he should make arrangements to improve literacy rates in the down trodden areas. 


Faisalabad, December 17.