Every country pays tribute to its heroes to remember their tireless services and unprecedented sacrifices for country. However, for Pakistan, we have the outstanding, dauntless and extraordinary services of Ex Chief of Army Staff, Raheel Sharif. Indubitably, he has proven himself to be one of the finest military leaders in history. 

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, he made herculean efforts to root out the menaces of terrorism. Pakistan’s army started Zarb-e-Azb and other operations against prolonged terrorism under Raheel Sharif’s rule. Such hard strives resulted in a steep fall of the gruesome acts of terrorism. He showed a personal interest for the CPEC project and vowed to promote and protect it properly. 

In short, performing the duties with a good passion and honesty for the country, like Raheel Sharif did, is only a way forward to the peace, prosperity and advancement. Additionally, we warmly welcome and wish the best of luck to the new COAS General Javed Bajwa. The nation also hopes that he may perform his duties honestly and complete the expectations of the country. 


Shikarpur, December 17.